Make sure you enter your address correctly. 

Please double-check if you have entered the right address before pressing ‘send’. Your order will be send to the exact address you filled out in ‘billing & shipping’. Made a mistake? Contact me asap and I’ll fix it. If you have filled out the wrong or incomplete address and your order has shipped out, it’s possible your order will not arrive. I do not take responsibility for this so please make sure you check it carefully.

Orders are shipped out on Tuesdays and Thursdays

All orders are shipped out on Tuesdays and Thursdays unless noted otherwise. All shipping is done by hand and by myself so I don’t do next-day shipping or delivery.

Please note, it’s not possible to choose a custom shipping date.

Shipping Costs

All shipping costs include postage, packaging, and processing of the order. All orders are sent through the SendCloud service which helps to choose the lowest rate possible according to your location, package weight, and size. Unfortunately, sending packages is not cheap and as I’m a small webshop I cannot make deals with this service for cheaper rates. This means shipping costs are non-negotiable. Shipping costs are based on the total weight and size of the parcel.

Please measure your mailbox

Shipping includes two options, a standard package or a mailbox package. Shipping can also be done either to a collection point if this is available in your country, to your mailbox, or to your door. All options will be included at check out and will influence the final price of shipping your package.  Before choosing a mailbox package please make sure your mailbox is big enough to receive the package otherwise please opt for the standard package delivery. Also please note that if you ordered a product that is bigger than a mailbox size, mailbox packaging will not be possible.

Unfortunately, there’ve been plenty of occasions that a mailman folded envelopes to fit in the mailbox, so please check if it’s big enough before choosing this option. Mailbox maximum package size: 38 x 26 x 3 cm (l x w x h)


I ship to the countries that are listed on checkout. If your country isn’t listed I can’t ship to you.

Delivery times

The customs service in your country might take a longer period of time to send the package to your place. This is the reason some delivery times may vary. The timings usually are:

Netherlands: 2-5 days
Europe: 5-14 days (currently up to 4 months due to Covid-19)
United Kingdom: 5 – 14 days (currently up to 4 months due to Covid-19)
The United States and Canada: 10-30 days (please note that some letters and packages might stay at border control a bit longer) (currently up to 8 months due to Covid-19)
Australia: 10-30 days (currently up to 8 months due to Covid-19)
Rest of the world: 1-8 weeks (currently up to 8 months due to Covid-19)


Some postal services keep packages and envelopes for longer periods of time at their centers, or at border patrol. It might take up to 6 weeks within Europe before they transit the package. Within Europe, please allow a maximum of 6 weeks for arriving, and outside Europe 12 weeks.

Occasionally border patrol will open packages and envelopes to check the contents. Please contact border control in your country to ask for more information.

Additional taxes for your package to enter your country are at your own expense.

Track and trace

Within the Netherlands: Every item is available with Track and Trace. If you choose to send it without track and trace, it cannot be traced.

Outside the Netherlands: You can choose your preferred shipping method, shipping with track and trace is available, as is insured shipping. When you pick ‘(International) shipping with track and trace’, you can see where your package is located and file a complaint when your package is damaged.

Please note that packages with track and trace take longer on average to arrive than regular packages as they get stored at border control longer.

If you choose to have your order shipped without track and trace it cannot be traced. After your order has been shipped I cannot add track and trace as this has to be added before an envelope or package has been shipped out.